Photo Credit: Josh Roberts

Photo Credit: Josh Roberts

Web-N Boston News

“Playing a dog on stage can be a challenge for any actor. Dancer, actor, and singer Yochai Greenfeld plays Snoopy with energy and plenty of jumping! His moves are some of the best on this side of the Charles River. Kids will throw their Snoopy dogs in the air with delight as Greenfield jumps around the stage.”

Theater Mirror

“What this play offers that the TV special doesn’t is a live experience with lively dancing and an acrobatic actor playing Snoopy (Yochai Greenfeld) the dog (this guy really steals the show) and a vigorous, talented cast filling in the other roles.”

Southern Jewish Living

“Snoopy is such an icon. he brings joy to kids and adults alike.”

LABAlive Life Death-0494.jpg

Photo Credit: Basil Rodericks

LABA Journal

“Abbi is a frum (religious) Jewish mother whose son has come out as gay. She goes through what many parents do when their children come out, which is mourning the loss of the dreams she had for her son’s life. She’s torn between sympathizing with her child, and fearing the social implications that his sexuality might have on the entire family.”